How to switch the app off

It seems to be a trivial question, but some people have troubles with this.

First of all, it should be noticed that, when closing the app, you may choose to just quit it or leave it running in background.

By quitting the app, it will stop servicing clients and switch off the camera and the mic. No more streaming will be allowed.

Contrary, by activating the background mode, the app will continue working normally but it will be hidden.

Shutting down the app

It is possible to close the app in some different ways:

  • by pressing the back button
  • by swiping the app from the task manager
  • from the STOP button in the app's notification

The simplest way is to press the back button of your device when you are in the main app page.

You will be prompted to leave the app running in background: choose no and you're done.

Another way is to simply swipe the app from the task manager.

If the app is not already running in background mode, it will be closed.

The third way is to use the STOP from the notification created by the app.

Activating the background mode

The only way to activate the background mode is to press the back button from the main page, then confirm with yes: the app will be hidden but stay alive.

The notification will be still available, allowing you to regain the access to the user interface, simply taping on it, or definitely close the app, by using the STOP button.

When the app is running in background and you swipe it from the task manager, it should stay alive.

This is true in most devices but some has customizations that also kill the services when an app is removed by the task manager.

How do I know that nobody is spying on me?

The app status is reported on a notification in the notification area of your device.

  • when the app is running, there's a small icon representing a camera, with its related messages
  • when the app is off, the notification disappears